Shame is a parasite

The host of shame is the vulnerable human soul

Shame feeds on hiddenness and silence at our expense

Shame is intoxicating, paralysing and intimidating

Shame is menacing inferiority

I have experienced the shame of:

  • An anxiety disorder including panic attacks
  • Receiving counselling and taking medication
  • Avoidance: avoiding places and situations that have potential to cause panic attacks; e.g. the movies, eating out, surfing and flying
  • The physical effects of anxiety; e.g. insomnia, fatigue and low libido


If shame feeds on our hiddenness and silence, then one of the ways to break the power of shame is to be vulnerable and courageously come out of hiding and break our silence.

Tip: talk with someone about your struggle with shame. Telling your story is more important than a person’s response.

May silence and hiddenness end now

May shame end now


Shame off you!



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