Engage in four customised mentoring sessions with Rob, either in person or via Skype.

The first session is a comprehensive Personal Check up. You can then choose from several MOOD BOOSTER options that are relevant to where you’re at.




Calming the chaos

Rediscover the ancient art of meditation, so you can encounter God’s presence afresh and reduce stress in your life.

Good Night

In this session, I will unpack how deep sleep can dramatically transform your life. You will also be given several ‘ sleep hacks ‘ you can experiment with and apply.

Mind your mind

Find out how your current thinking has impacted your wellbeing. Learn how to renew your mind for a more resilient life.

Panic Stations

Discover what is happening to your mind and physiology during a panic attack. You will be given several techniques to help you manage anxiety and panic.

Shame off you

Unmask the nature, triggers, and damage of shame and how you can become a shame buster.

Taming the Black Dog

Learn how to navigate courageously through the unique challenges of depression.

The Breath of life

Gain knowledge and skills on how you can improve your mood and focus through deep rhythmic breathing.


$440 (4 session package)

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  “Comparison is the thief of joy.”Theodore Roosevelt   I know firsthand that comparison is a thief of joy. Comparison leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety.   Comparison can lead to superiority: I’m smarter than you I’m better than you...

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Are we there yet?   Navigating through our mental health struggles is not a quick fix, but a daring and often slow journey encompassing dramatic ebbs and flows. Here are two tips that I have found helpful on my journey of emotional recovery:   1....

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To fear is to be human.   Fear is first provoked in the amygdala, the primal part of our brain that is hardwired for our protection and survival. Fearful thoughts immediately activate our ‘fight-freeze-flight’ stress response, releasing an...

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